Responsability and safety


The children are under the responsibility of their parents, or the person taking charge of them, as soon as they come to pick them up.
A form must be completed when registering indicating the persons entitled to recover the child(s).
Any changes must be submitted to the school secretariat, who will be responsible for updating its file.
On arrival, the child must be entrusted by his parents, or by the person in charge, to the educator, in order to transfer responsibility.
If the child is expected to leave school during the day, the parents must notify the relevant educational staff.
At the time of the reunion, parents, or the person taking charge of the reunion, are asked to clearly report the departure of their child to the educational staff.

The children are therefore under the responsibility of the parents, or the person who took charge of them.

Each family determines in writing, by means of a form, the persons entitled to come and search for the child. These people cannot be minors.
Identification may be requested. The child will never leave with someone who is not authorized to retrieve it.


In the parking lot, parents are asked to adapt their speed to the approach of the structure. The entrance gate of the Particle Garden must be carefully closed after each passage.

The entrance gate is open from 08:00 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 18:15


People who take and pick up children must be provided with a CERN access card and duly registered in the Jardin des Particules database.

The names of the persons authorized to retrieve the child must be indicated on the registration form for the new school year.

Image rights

Le Jardin des Particules reserves the right to photograph or film children during activities for publication/promotion purposes concerning the structure. Before using the image of a minor, the authorization of the parents (or the legal guardian) must be obtained in writing.

The agreements for the use of the child’s image must be indicated in the registration form for the new school year.

Personal effects of children

Children’s personal effects must be marked in their name or initials.

The Management Comittee of Le Jardin des Particules declines all responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of these effects, objects or jewels.

Organized excursions

By signing the registration form, the parents authorize the educators/teachers to leave Le Jardin des Particules for all activities organized outside it.

Code of conduct

Any behaviour deemed inappropriate by a parent or an accompanying person, within the meaning of the CERN Code of Conduct, may be subject to preventive measures that will be decided by the Presidency (Direction of Le Jardin des Particules and the Chairman of the Management Committee).

Exclusion from Le Jardin des Particules

The Management Committee of the Nursery and School may dismiss a child if:

  • Tuition fees are not paid despite the recall;
  • the general conditions of Le Jardin des Particules are not respected by the parents despite the reminders; 
  • A child seriously compromises the proper functioning of the class.