Our educational project

These educational philosophies are:

  • playing is magic
  • positive discipline
  • cooperative education
  • the flexible class
  • Montessori pedagogy
  • the Reggio Emilia approach


We think it is important to place children at the centre of their learning experiences, enabling them to discover things for themselves as young curious researchers.

Our mission:

Le Jardin des Particules offers a framework favouring the personal development of each child through an education respecting their individuality within a group.


This helps them develop their autonomy and personal skills, stimulates their desire to learn and their creative talents. It ensures the development of the ability to understand and express oneself orally (and in writing) in French, the language of instruction.

Our educational project is focused on so-called active and cooperative educational philosophies :

In our professional practice, we draw inspiration from the latest neuroscientific knowledge and also from various educational trends such as Playing is Magic for the youngest and, for the older ones, the Reggio Emilia approach, the Maria Montessori school or the flexible class method.

A tailored welcome:

The Jardin des Particules provides a close-knit family environment which enables children to develop and express their personality, respecting their individuality within the group: "to build oneself within and through a group". We encourage interaction and cooperation between the children.


Each child, each individual is unique and has their own needs. We help your children to develop their autonomy and their personal skills on a daily basis, stimulating their desire to learn, their creative talents and also their interpersonal skills thanks to the interactions they have with others.

Learning French, but not only ...

The language spoken at the Jardin des Particules is French. Your child will thus be able to follow French-speaking education in local schools, whether Swiss or French. But we welcome 26 different nationalities and respect the origins of all. We don’t hesitate to speak other languages so that all children and their parents feel included and can flourish in our structure.


Awareness-of-English sessions take place on four afternoons each week.