Dear parents,

Welcome to the page dedicated to the “pre-registration” of your child at the Jardin des Particules for the current year.

Once the information is completed, do not forget to click on the "send" button at the end of the form.

A confirmation email will be sent to you automatically confirming that your pre-registration request has been taken into account.

Upon receipt of your message, we will contact you to inform you of our availability. In order to process your request as well as possible, we thank you for completing all the information below (points 1, 2 and 3).

Note: For the current school year, pre-registrations will start at the beginning of March and / or for any other question, contact or 075 411 34 16.

1. Administrative information
Brothers and sisters (First names and ages)
more items
Considered place of schooling
Does one of the parents work at CERN?
If yes: are you a member of the Staff Association?
2. Pre-registration
You wish to pre-register your child for:
How often do you want to be register?
Morning crèche only: attendance 2, 3, 5 mornings per week
Full day crèche: attendance 2, 3 or 5 days a week
3. Reduction request
Would you like to request a reduction in tuition fees?
School reductions are made on the basis of gross family income of less than 200kCHF / year, including any aid for education costs that may be received elsewhere.
The calculation of the applicable tariffs is established on the basis of the income of the previous calendar year.
Any request made later will be refused and the maximum rate will be applied.

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