Welcome to the EVE and School of the CERN

Enrolling your child in the Nursery, Kindergarten and School of the CERN Staff Association means giving him the opportunity to develop in a privileged environment of different cultures and nationalities.

 From the age of 0 to 2 your child will attend the Nursery, from 2 to 4, the Kindergarten and from the age of 4, your child will join the School and start his or her schooling by following the program of the first and then of the second years of infant school. Therefore, when your child leaves us, he or she will be able to follow the Swiss or French education system.

 In a warm atmosphere and an environment adapted to your child’s needs, the educational and teaching team will welcome your child to help him develop his socialization while ensuring its welfare.

 At the Nursery, your baby will learn the separation as well as life in community. He/she will be welcomed in the respect of his/her own individuality and rhythm of development.

 At the Kindergarten, in a creative and fun environment conducive to making new discoveries, experimenting, exchanging ideas and playing your child will learn with pleasure to develop his/her knowledge. The teaching staff creates an environment where the desire to develop grows. Joy of discovering, pleasure to freely express themselves in a work that will be neither sanctioned nor submitted to a value judgment. Individual activities are harmoniously alternated with group activities.

 At the School, your child will start his/her schooling and thus becomes a pupil. He/she will learn using different means of learning which will be offered in the five areas of learning Languages; Mathematics and the Natural Sciences; Human and Social Sciences; Arts; Body and movement. When the children leave us, they will be able to follow the Swiss or French education system, or attend a private school.

 Rather than allowing the child to do what he/she wants, the active teaching methods practiced at the Nursery, Kindergarten and School encourage the child to choose what he/she does.

 The Nursery School building is surrounded by a magnificent garden offering the children an exceptional playing area. Running, jumping, pedaling, digging in the sandpit, climbing up the hull of a boat, playing on the slide or swings are all joys and experiences which children take full advantage of.

                                                                                                                                            Carole Dargagnon Headmistress of the EVE and School