Welcome to the Creche and School of the CERN

By enrolling your children in the Crèche and School of the CERN Staff Association, you give them the opportunity to thrive in a privileged environment that offers a diversity of cultures and nationalities.

From 4 months to 4 years old your children attend the Crèche and, at 4 years old, they join the School and begin their schooling by following the programme of the first and then the second primary class (equivalent to “moyenne section” and “grande section” in France).

In a warm and accommodating environment, our team of educators and teachers will care for your children, and allow them to develop their social skills, abilities and knowledge base, while ensuring their welfare and safety.

The active educational programme of the Crèche (Jouer c’est magique – playtime is magical”) and the School (Cooperative learning) place children at the heart of their learning process, just like little researchers. They thus have the chance to become increasingly independent, explore their curiosity, and learn the French language, all under the watchful eye of professionals.

At Crèche, your children will learn to cope with separation and acquire their first experiences of community life. Each child’s individuality, learning pace and development are taken into consideration. They continue to grow and evolve in a creative and thriving environment conducive to discoveries, experiments, interaction and play. Your children will take pleasure in developing their capabilities and gain self-confidence. The educational team works together to create a climate and an environment that foster joy, pleasure of discovery, and free expression of children, without any vaue judgement. Individual activities are harmoniously interwoven with group activities.

At School, your child will begin their schooling and have their first experiences as pupils. They become actors of their own learning thanks to various methods linked to the education plan of the French-speaking Switzerland (“Plan d’études romand”). This plan is comprised of five fields: Languages, including French and English language awareness; Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Human and Social Sciences; Art; Body and Movement. Children will continue to gain self-confidence and develop their curiosity in a soothing and stimulating environment. As of 4 years old, they will be offered English language awareness teaching, for approximately 1 hour per week as a part of workshops in the afternoon. After the 2nd primary class, pupils who leave our care have acquired the necessary proficiency in French language and are ready to continue their education in a public or private school in both Switzerland and France.

The active education that is practiced in our institution “does not ask the child to do what he wants but rather asks him to want what he does” (E. Claparède).

The facilities of the Crèche and School of the CERN Staff Association are surrounded by a magnificent garden that offers children an exceptional playground. Running, jumping, cycling, shovelling in the sandpit, climbing the ship’s hull, gliding down the slide and swinging are all part of the joys and experiences that the children enjoy wholeheartedly on a daily basis and in all types of weather.

Our team of teachers and educators is always at your disposal, should you have any questions or simply want to exchange information about your child.

Headmistress of the Crèche and School, and the Staff Association