A canteen service is provided for children registered on full day basis.

Meals served at the canteen, are balanced and supervised by a dietician.

During meals at the canteen, child assistance is provided by the personnel of EVE and School. The canteen’s operation is described in annex 1 of Terms and Conditions.



Parents have to fill out an information form, the annex 3 of of Terms and Conditions.

Children may be registered for 1 to 5 meals a week pending availability. Registration to canteen service is made via the kindergarten website only.

An automatic email will be sent to confirm the place.

The way the reservation at the canteen works is described in annex 2 of Terms and Conditions.

Prices of meals

The canteen fee is CHF 15.40 per day and for children with allergies, whereas the parents provide the meal, the fee is reduced and is CHF 8.50 per day.


Cancellations are made via the website before 8:30 at the latest for a given day.

An email will be sent to confirm the cancellation.

For all cancellations made as of Thursdays of the previous week, a cancellation fee of CHF 8.40 will be charged to cover child care.

The EVE and school Managing Committee may impose sanctions in the case of abuse, like in the event of repeated cancellations.

If parents whose child is not registered to the canteen do not pick him up at 12:15 and cannot be reached, the child will remain at the canteen and a penalty of CHF 100.- plus the canteen fee (CHF 15.40) will be charged.


Meals invoices are quarterly. Payment should be made at the latest:

  • On 01/30 for the first quarter (September- December).

  • On 04/15 for the second quarter (January-March)

  • On 07/10 for the third quarter (April-June)

Registration for the current quarter is not possible if the previous quarter invoice has not been paid.