Canteen 2018-2019

Terms and Conditions

The canteen service welcomes children of the Crèche and School of the CERN Staff Association on all weekdays.

Meals are included in the school fees and are non-refundable.

During the canteen service, the children are looked after by the personnel of the Crèche and School of the CERN Staff Association. Meals served in the canteen are balanced and controlled by a dietician.


Canteen registration - School

The basic service is proposed for 5 days a week. However, for children attending the School, a different registration option for the canteen service is possible with a choice of 0 to 5 fixed days per week. This choice should preferably be made for the whole year, but at least on a quarterly basis, and cannot be changed during the ongoing quarter.

All the requests will be analyzed to organize the canteen service in the best conditions.

Preference given to 5 days/week annual registration and then annual registration for 4, 3, 2, 1 fixed day(s) and then quarterly registration 5 days per week and finally quarterly registration 4, 3, 2, 1 fixed day(s).

Outside the quarterly registration periods, all requests for changes will be forwarded to the canteen service and must remain strictly exceptional.

These requests are subject to validation and will not be given priority. All requests must reach the canteen service before the 15th day of the month in order to be processed for the following calendar month.

Days of attendance at the canteen must be indicated in the enrolment form for the start of the school year.

Parents must fill out an information sheet included in the enrolment form and return it no later than at the start of the school year.



The prices in CHF are the following:

Canteen service

5 days/week

4 days/week

3 days/week

2 days/week

1 day/week

Monthly cost:

School fee + canteen

1610 + 250

1610 + 200

1610 + 150

1610 + 100

1610 + 50

In the exceptional case where the child must stay in the canteen although it has not been planned, it will be possible, max. 3 times a year, to receive the child at the canteen on an exceptional basis (subject to availability of places and only upon validation).

Since this service is offered on an urgent basis, it is subject to an invoice of 30 CHF, and the Secretariat of the School must be informed no later than the morning of the event.
In case the Secretariat is not notified, a penalty of 100 CHF described below will apply.


If your child has any food allergies, a medical certificate must be provided. This certificate must state the type of allergy and describe the protocol to be followed in case the child has of an allergic reaction. The medicine stated in the medical certificate must also be provided.

Provided these conditions are met, your child can be welcomed into the canteen if you provide their meals. All meals must be packed in an airtight box clearly identified with the child’s name.

In this case, a reduction of 100 CHF/month for services on 5 days a week, is granted for allergic children upon presentation of a medical certificate.


The meals are comprised of a starter, a main course, and cheese or dessert.

One vegetarian meal per week is proposed.

The beverage offered to children is still water.

Children are encouraged to taste each dish but do not necessarily have to finish the meal.

We regard lunch as an opportunity to learn, to gain a certain autonomy and to learn about different aspects of social life, e.g.:

- table manners,

- respect for others,

- politeness.


In the event that a child, who is not registered for the canteen, is not picked up by 12.15, the parents will be called and, if they are not responding or cannot come pick up their child, the child will stay at the canteen and a penalty of 100 CHF will be charged.